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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga — Notebook + Tablet + Ultrabook

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Hands On.

Хотели бы Вы узнать «ноутбук леново йога» : посмотрите суперский превью ролик «Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga — Notebook + Tablet + Ultrabook».В крайне хитовым обзоре с рейтингом более чем четыре звезды вы узнаете ноутбук леново йога.


When will this be available in Europe and 2nd question is the open-close going to ware the laptop functionality i mean is the top going to loosen up and stop being able to stand up the top by the time? Thnx

just bought mine and i love it!!!!!

i saw it at BestBuy today, its has very display, although it had low voltage CPU and only SSD with 128gb, but very good IPS display, i thought it was 1080p on 13.3 inch display, be cause it looked so sharp and vivid, but it was 1600×900, good portable laptop indeed, but i’m in search for powerful пятнадцати-17 inch laptops, i guess i’ll pass it, but i could change my mind

It is very cool

But Lenovo is Chinese.

exactly. No point in having a tablet if a laptop can do both. Still tablets are a bit more lightweight but in terms of functionality these laptop tablets can do FAR FAR more. Tablets are toys laptops are for work.

i just bouht this


Will the stylus be available as an option while ordering the laptop on lenovo’s website

ok why make a laptop a tablet? then what’s the point of the regular tablet?

the new generation of lenovo computer. wow…………..:)

how is it


maybe the 11 inch version will be more thesible

resolution is too low its 2012..it better have a 120hz screen too

The hinge is patented, so only chinese pirate copies will be available for competition in many years to come.

ik want it, and i’m gonna buy it

can You download games on this laptop e.g world of warcraft??

are the hinges strong so that the screen will stay intact over the years?

perfect, the only bad thing is that has Windows inside……Apple should have done this with Macbook Pro 13

does yoga come with a stylus?

No pen support = no buy from me.

Optional stylus will be available. But u’ll have 2 pay for it.