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Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 2847-9YU Laptop

The Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 2847-9YU Laptop Computer is a business-oriented computer that also has the personal features you love! With a reliable Intel Core 2…

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nice its stile look at the ibm thinkpad.

You’re welcome, you can try at the notebook manufacturer site since they in meantime put fresher drivers for LAN chipset. I hope that it will help to solve your problem.

i have win семь… can i make the wireless singnal strength thing and the battery look like the once on the taskbar on the right like this one??

im so tierd of tigerdirect they review the same things and no components as they used to do!!!!! and logan if they had logan they could review a cofe cup and still i would watch it. I MISS LOGAN YOU MADE THIS CHANNEL THE BEST!!!!

Peace of crap.. I saw it in ThinkShop…

Send me one, Please!

whats the graphics card now?

hi everybody, i just bought this laptop, its really cool, but there is one problem, when music is playing, i-e any song or movie, and i plug in power supply , or if i plug out, it hangs badly, for одну-2 seconds, does anybody else experience the same problem?

I Google this online and the first three stores that have it listed, have it listed as unavailable…

Hi, I experienced the same issue with my notebook. After looking for solution on Internet, I found the root cause of this annoying problem. You should look for the newest driver for the Ethernet controller embedded in your computer (not at the notebook manufacturer, but at the controller manufacturer page).

There is nothing wrong with the mic volume, fix your speakers

Thanx for your answer. I will try this, and will let you know if it worked or not :)

Please higher the mic volume/gain the mic when you’re editing vids! :D

did that once… hate it :P

sounds great to me….

Intel GMA 4500 MHD graphics